Sharing on the go

After 6 months of blood, sweat and tears, we proudly present the newest addition to the WeTransfer family: our iOS app.


With an app that is just as easy to use as our website, you can now share up to 10GB of images and videos without even getting off your phone. 

Recognize this? Your phone’s camera roll is full and you’re not allowed to take any pictures or create any videos before deleting old files? With our app you can send your entire camera roll to yourself (or to your Plus account) and create space to continue taking high res images with your phone. Or don’t like that your videos or photos get compressed whenever you want to send? With our app you can transfer without losing any quality.

Oh, did we mention the best part yet? It’s free.

Start sharing your experiences now: http://we.tl/iosapp


Avast, ye scurvy dogs!*

Are you using Avast antivirus software and using our service? Big chance you’ll be having trouble getting your transfers to complete. One of their latest updates causes our transfers to stall indefinitely. Boo! Unfortunately, the problem can’t be fixed by us; the bug is not on our side.


To solve this problem, you can either disable Webshield (You can find it in Avast: Settings: Active Protection: Webshield), or uninstall Avast completely and install a different antivirus tool.

* It’s a reference. We don’t actually think the guys at Avast have scurvy.


WeTransfer loves startups

Just over 4 years ago, we founded WeTransfer. A small startup, hoping to help out people all over the world with their too-large-for-email file transfers. Our idea was a great success, and here we are today, serving millions of happy people.

However, we know how tough it can be for startups to get started. That’s why we’ve partnered up with our friends at The Next Web to launch Boost. With this program, startups get a literal boost at the TNW Conference Europe in April. Capital, customers, coverage and connections: we’re going to help you with everything that will help your startup grow from good to really awesome.

When your company is selected for Boost, all you have to pay for are two regular conference tickets. WeTransfer will cover the rest of the package. It’s like getting VIP tickets to the greatest party in town – with free booze – and all you have to do is pay for the limo ride to the venue.

The selection round will end in just over a month, so hurry up, check if you meet the requirements and apply for free]!


Half and half, or the best of both worlds

Our users often compliment us on the ads and artwork that we show during transfers. People ask us about the artists we showcase, or want to know how to scroll back to previous ads because they like them so much.

This is a big difference from people’s usual experiences with ads, and it shows that with WeTransfer, we really redefined advertising.

We mix up ads with work by young talented creatives (50% of each), and collaborate with brands to create a unique user experience. One of our co-founders (Nalden) wrote a blogpost about why we do what we do and how we do it.


Planned maintenance on September 22

We’re going to upgrade our databases this Sunday, which means that our service will be unavailable. We plan on being offline for about an hour, starting at 8:00 AM UTC (10:00 AM CEST, 4:00 AM EDT).

Because we’ve seen enormous growth in the past weeks, we are going to optimise the processing of transfers. This will make it faster for everyone to send files.

Transfers in progress at the start of the maintenance will be interrupted, but should continue automatically afterwards, if you’re using a browser that supports resumable uploads (Chrome 13 or higher, Firefox 6 or higher, Safari 6 or higher, or IE10).

Happy transferring!


[edit][edit 2] Okay, bumps in the road. We are hoping to be back online in about 30 to 60 minutes 2 hours (12:30 PM UTC).


Connectivity issues (Sept 13)

We’re very sorry, but our hosting provider Amazon has some connectivity issues that cause WeTransfer to be offline. We think someone let the server monkeys out of their cages and they’re having a big party which involves gnawing on cables, but we’re not sure yet. We’ll keep you posted!

WeTransfer Team



More goodies for Plus users

Another update for our WeTransfer Plus users! With the new release scheduled for today, we’re giving you a bunch of new tools to manage your uploads easier.

So, what’s behind door number one? Searching through your transfers! No more scrolling down an entire list of files to find that specific one thing that you need to forward.

Door number two! Sorting your transfers in three different ways: file name, date, and recipients.

Still not satisfied? How about door number three? Another often requested feature: deleting multiple transfers at once.

We’ve added a nifty screenshot of the new features, just in case you were wondering what they look like.

Happy transferring!


Play Where’s Wally? with WeTransfer


Yay! Today we’re showing off our stripes with an exclusive Where’s Wally? takeover. For one day, across 9 countries, ourusers will be transported into a Where’s Wally? scene showcased on the service’s full-screen background.

From the iconic Where’s Wally? ‘Beach Scene’ to the renowned ‘Deep Sea Divers’ illustration, everyone will be challenged to try and spot the intrepid world traveller as they transfer files over the service.

This takeover will be localisedfor each of the nine countries and appear in the United Kingdom (Where’s Wally?), France and Belgium (Où est Charlie?), Italy (Ubaldo dove sei?), Germany (Wo ist Walter?),  Netherlands (Waar is Wally?) and the USA (Where’s Waldo?).

We hope you like it. Let us know on Facebook if you found Wally! 

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Release notes (July 16)

As you can read in the previous blogpost, we are rolling out a small change in the free service today. Apart from that, we also fixed a bug:

  • Transfers are now available for 7 days by default instead of 14 days.
  • If you were logged into an expired Plus account with a Channel set up for it, you would get into an infinite redirect loop when you opened WeTransfer.com. Not anymore!

7 Days.

Hey guys,

We currently have transfers available for two weeks. But we’ve noticed that actually one week is sufficient for almost everyone, except for a small percentage of users. More than 95% of all users download their files within one week, with 65% of people actually downloading a transfer within a day.

Storing files for longer than necessary is just wasteful, and we’re certainly not fans of that. We want to keep things as efficient, simple and free as possible. So starting on Tuesday July 16th, we’re reducing new transfers to be available for one week rather than two weeks for our free users. Plus users can still keep their files online for as long as they wish.

With 16 million people transferring every month, we store quite a bit of data – almost a petabyte of the stuff. This is almost double that of 8 months ago. Small changes like this help to make sure WeTransfer remains free and easy to use for you guys. Your continuous praise and support is what drives us and makes WeTransfer even stronger.

Big up & thanks! Team WeTransfer.