Downloading issues fixed (Sept 12)

Good news everyone! We have fixed the issue with our download servers and you should be able to successfully download your files now.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused you, but we’re rocking your transfers once again!

Here’s to the start of an awesome weekend :-)



Downloading issues (Sept 11)

Hey peeps! We’ve been getting reports from you about downloads not working and some .zip files being corrupted when downloaded.

We’re currently looking into these issues, and trying to fix them as quickly as possible. It’s pretty annoying, but please bear with us while we work on this.

Once we’ve solved the problem, we’ll let you know via this blog. Until then, here’s two kittens hugging and yawning (warning: maximum overcute!).


We proudly present: The WeTransfer Android app

It’s finally here, and we’re very proud :-)

Android users can now simply upload their files from anywhere in the world, up to 10GB, while enjoying inspiring backgrounds during the transfer.

No need to sign up and all for free. Go explore, download the app via the Google Play Store and tell us what you think!


A special extra feature for our Android users: Use the Share icon in the Android user interface to instantly transfer any file from any app.


New Plus feature: Automatic expiry dates for transfers

Hey everyone! We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve added auto-expiry as a new features for Plus users.

To easily expire your transfer after a day, a few weeks, a couple of months or longer, simply select the amount of time you want your transfer to stay online. Of course you can still set transfers to never expire, and you’ll always have the option of manually deleting transfers from your Plus storage too.

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How to transfer safely (July 8)

Over the past few days, we have been contacted by a few concerned users about an email that looked somewhat like our transfer email, but instead was a phishing attempt.

While imitation is the highest form of flattery, we really don’t like it when our users are duped, so here a few tips to check if the email you received, is really from us:

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No more drama (April 23, 8:30 AM - UTC+2)

Just a short update to let you know that everything is working okay again since last night. Happy transferring guys!

- The WeTransfer Team


Issues (April 22, 9:00 AM - UTC+2)

Hi guys,

We’re currently experiencing some problems with our servers (as you probably noticed). At the moment we’re working very hard to solve these issues as quickly as possible. We can’t give you an ETA for the fix, so please bear with us. Thank you for your patience!

- The WeTransfer team


Sharing on the go

After 6 months of blood, sweat and tears, we proudly present the newest addition to the WeTransfer family: our iOS app.


With an app that is just as easy to use as our website, you can now share up to 10GB of images and videos without even getting off your phone. 

Recognize this? Your phone’s camera roll is full and you’re not allowed to take any pictures or create any videos before deleting old files? With our app you can send your entire camera roll to yourself (or to your Plus account) and create space to continue taking high res images with your phone. Or don’t like that your videos or photos get compressed whenever you want to send? With our app you can transfer without losing any quality.

Oh, did we mention the best part yet? It’s free.

Start sharing your experiences now: http://we.tl/iosapp


Avast, ye scurvy dogs!*

Are you using Avast antivirus software and using our service? Big chance you’ll be having trouble getting your transfers to complete. One of their latest updates causes our transfers to stall indefinitely. Boo! Unfortunately, the problem can’t be fixed by us; the bug is not on our side.


To solve this problem, you can either disable Webshield (You can find it in Avast: Settings: Active Protection: Webshield), or uninstall Avast completely and install a different antivirus tool.

* It’s a reference. We don’t actually think the guys at Avast have scurvy.


WeTransfer loves startups

Just over 4 years ago, we founded WeTransfer. A small startup, hoping to help out people all over the world with their too-large-for-email file transfers. Our idea was a great success, and here we are today, serving millions of happy people.

However, we know how tough it can be for startups to get started. That’s why we’ve partnered up with our friends at The Next Web to launch Boost. With this program, startups get a literal boost at the TNW Conference Europe in April. Capital, customers, coverage and connections: we’re going to help you with everything that will help your startup grow from good to really awesome.

When your company is selected for Boost, all you have to pay for are two regular conference tickets. WeTransfer will cover the rest of the package. It’s like getting VIP tickets to the greatest party in town – with free booze – and all you have to do is pay for the limo ride to the venue.

The selection round will end in just over a month, so hurry up, check if you meet the requirements and apply for free]!